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Looking To Get Married? 10 Best Colleges To Find Husband Material

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Students, we know what you're thinking: with some smarts, we can find terrific marriage mates at every college in the country. But a new report suggests that the number of couples who meet in college is lower than ever…so from where are the solid marriage-material types graduating?

Kick back and let us school you on which U.S. colleges and universities turn out the most appealing male partners.

First, we looked at U.S. News & World Report's national universities and liberal arts college rankings and reasoned the better the school's academic rating, the more attractive its male students are. Then, we compared those lists with's list of graduate salaries (focusing on mid-career salaries). Then (because we're such scholars in studies of love), we added softer factors like alumni generosity (who doesn’t like a guy who gives back?) and campus beauty (if you’re going to his reunion, why not take in the scenery)?

What we don't want in a future husby? We've struck party schools from our list since lushes typically don't make great life partners (sorry, Ohio University—some of us have learned the hard way).

So, in no particular order, check out YourTango's list of the 10 Best Colleges To Find A Husband. If you're a co-ed at any of these universities, your could start the semester with a love life A+. (Yeah, you'll want to take notes.) 

What do you think? Do you agree with our list or can you think of some colleges to add to the mix?

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