Love Bytes: The One Thing You Should Know About Marriage

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Plus, best VMA moments, 10 dumb first-date mistakes, and drunk hooking up, explained.

What's the one thing you should know about marriage? Different love experts have different answers, but they're all insightful. Featuring our own editor Krissy Gasbarre's (author of How To Love An American Man) grandma Glo, who answers this question quite eloquently. (Glo)
Best moments from the VMAs, including Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez' super-awkward pre-show interview. (Side note: Do you really think Justin needs glasses?) (Betty Confidential)
Were you too busy watching the VMAs to get your reality-show fix? The Stir has Real Housewives of New Jersey and Keeping Up With The Kardashians recaps from this weekend! (The Stir: Real Housewives) (The Stir: Kardashians)
Speaking of the VMAs, did you get a glimpse of Lady Gaga in disguise as a man? Here are nine more musicians and their alter egos. (The Frisky)
Gaga may be comfortable with being a man, but are you comfortable with having a man? Here's a checklist to make sure all you taken gals are acting like you're taken. (Madame Noire
Speaking of mistakes, here are 10 dumb first-date blunders. We guarantee you've made at least one of them. (The Frisky)
Fine, maybe you're good at dating, but admit it, you've worn the beer goggles at some point. Is drunk hooking up getting dangerous? Blame it on the alcohol... (CollegeCandy)
You may be way past the hook-up scene, but that doesn't mean men have gotten any more mature. You've been married for 30 years, and your husband is cheating. What do you do? (ThirdAge)
Someone who clearly doesn't have that problem (yet?) is Kate Middleton, a.k.a. Duchess Catherine. Hallmark has come out with a semi-fictional made-for-TV movie called William And Catherine: A Royal Romance. But's a little too much like a Julia Stiles flick we caught years ago. (Crushable