What Guys Think Links: Don't Lie About Your Age To Get Laid, Dude

Love, Heartbreak

Why lying about your age to have the sex with much younger women is a mistake. And more from guys.

Sometimes men tell lies. It's a fact. John DeVore, resident fella from The Frisky, takes on why men lie, but more specifically why lying about your age to have the sex with much younger women is a mistake. And he goes on a great, somewhat pertinent digression from there.

Men also lie about women's looks for the purpose of having the sex. Very Smart Brothas discuss why hyperbole when it comes to looks is OK. Just be careful not to gild the lily. Good: "I catch my breath a little every time you smile at me." Bad: "I'll never, ever think of anyone but you when I flog my log. Believe that."

Overdoing it is what we men seem to do best. Ask Men takes on the age-old question: "How many times should I ask her out before I get the hint and go away?" Doesn't everyone's grandma have a story about getting hounded by their grandpa until she gives in?

As you know, guys are either pathetic in their insecurity or disgusting in their self-assuredness. Either way, they can be tricked, coaxed and trained into being decent. Good Men Project wonders if all men are dogs and if all dogs go to heaven. If You Can Train Your Dog, You Can Train Your Guy

And then something like this comes along that makes you think we are all dogs. College Candy has been given a bit of a situation. A young man has been exclusive with a young woman for three months but doesn't admit they are dating because he doesn't "date" after being hurt. Wow. That guy is both a$$hole and candya$$, hats off, sir. Check out their dude advice dude.

And sometimes they (we) are just weird. A man and a woman have been having a fairly intense relationship. A relationship lasting some six months. A relationship exclusively existing online. These aren't South Korean teens, mind you, nor is he deployed to the ass-end of GodKnowsWhere. Madame Noire has the weird tale (and a cure for) a guy who doesn't seem interested IRL.

IRL is scary. Guess what else is scary for guys? Sex. Glamour lists five things guys are nervous about sex-wise. Note: Vagina Dentata doesn't make the cut because it's just assumed that every guy is afraid of it.

Do you know a guy who knows a lot about sex stuff? Or maybe a guy who knows a lot about dating stuff? Or maybe a guy who knows about love and all the gushy stuff? Well, Em And Lo are looking for a new man panel (Wise Guys, in their parlance).

Finally, Maxim has a list of bachelor party tips, tricks and good ideas. I think it's supposed to be humorous, so slip it to a friend instead of giving him a copy of The Hangover Part II.

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