Kate Middleton and Prince William Go On A Cheap Date

Kate Middleton, Prince William

After an expensive wedding, the Royals keep it real with a budget-friendly midweek movie date.

As if we didn't love Prince William and Kate Middleton enough, now they're being all normal and making us love them even more. The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge were spotted out midweek at the Cineworld in Llandudno Junction, Wales, catching a flick together and splitting a tub of popcorn, all for the bargain price of less than $16. 4 Reasons Not To Envy Kate Middleton

"They looked like they were in a world of their own. He had his arm around her waist as they walked in, as if he was guiding her," onlooker and local Anella Bennett told People. "They looked just like any other young couple enjoying a night at the cinema."

Except, of course, they happen to be the future king and queen. We love how low-key Kate and Wills are, like they don't think too much of themselves and can't understand why it's so exciting for people to spot them doing normal things. It's quite charming.

The two Royals reportedly blended in with other cinema patrons while wearing jeans and casual clothes. They headed to the 8 pm screening of The Inbetweeners, a British comedy that follows the lives of four teenage misfits and their wild antics abroad. A Royal Expert's Take On Prince Wiliam and Kate Middleton

Last month after returning home from their whirlwind tour of Canada and California, the couple was also spotted out at the the cinema enjoying Bridesmaids. According to a source, they were attempting to keep things low-key after their big overseas trip.

"They have the rest of their lives to be public figures and working hard on behalf of the Queen and want to keep things on a level and enjoy their marriage," a palace spokesman said after their July movie outing.

We agree. They may be royals, but they're still young newlyweds. And besides, who doesn't love an inexpensive date night? Prince William And Kate Go On A Movie Date!

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