Baseball Stud Derek Jeter And Minka Kelly Reportedly Break Up

Minka Kelly and Derek Jeter
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Does this mean we have a shot with the stripe-wearing Yankee?

We thought Derek Jeter was officially off the market when he starting dating actress Minka Kelly three years ago. The 37-year-old Yankees shortstop and the 31-year-old star seemed like a match made in "beautiful people heaven." There were marriage rumors earlier this year and everything, but in a surprising turn of events, these lovebirds have called in quits!

Reps for the couple have confirmed to Just Jared that they have ended their relationship, a decision that was "amicable," says a source. "But they remain friends. They still really care for each other." 

Yeah, we've heard that plenty of times before. It's like the standard Hollywood breakup statement, when, in reality, probably zero of them have been "amicable." Sara Gilbert And Partner Of 10 Years, Allison Adler, Break Up

Regardless, both Jeter and Kelly will be completely fine on their own. Jeter has his stellar baseball career to focus on (he just celebrated being the second shortstop to reach 3,000 hits), while Kelly has her new TV show that premieres in a few weeks, the remake of Charlie's Angels. Plus, they both happen to be ridiculously good looking, so it won't be long until they're both on to their next relationship. Study Says Gentlemen Prefer Brunettes

Perhaps Jeter will try dating a blonde this time! If so, our number is 212...

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