Love Bytes: Marriage Helps You Survive Heart Surgery

heart surgery
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Plus, what to do if your future mother-in-law is not a fan of you.

While some doctors think cardiac disease is a leading cause of death, we all know it's a broken heart. A recent study only confirms this. Married people are twice as likely to survive heart bypass surgery, according to a study by the University of Rochester. It's probably not too much a surprise, since married people, men in particular, tend to live longer. True love is a truly worthy cause but he clearly said "to blave." (USA Today)

After taking the plunge but before going under the knife, you have a tough decision to make, even if you're male: What should you do with your last name? Does it make sense to change it, hyphenate it or just keep doodling [your given name] plus "Timberlake" like you've always done? (Good Men Project)

You'd assume that if your last name is a big part of what made you famous, you'd keep it. But recently-wed Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian are going to have more problems than last names. Bonnie Fuller has 10 rules that may save their marriage and probably aren't too bad for us to follow either. (Huffington Post)

And when marrying a Kardashian, or anyone else with a "strong" mother, you're likely to worry about mom's approval. What happens if the ole lady doesn't like you? (

Your commute may be wrecking your love life. Evidently, women take arduous travel to work very seriously. Like, panic-attack seriously. Maybe they should try telecommuting. (Jezebel)

Sometimes "I'm working from home today" is code for "I have some serious Facebook-ing to do." The social media site is now letting you approve photos you are tagged in before you're forced to furiously untag embarrassing ones. This may just save your next relationship. (How About We)

In order to actually get into your next relationship, you may have to call on the heavy artillery: psychics. It looks like a medium may be the new medium for finding "the one." (Marie Claire)

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