Why Does Lady Gaga Say She's "Married To Her Loneliness"?

Lady Gaga
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The pop star admits to feeling alone while on tour, but she's not about to give her career up.

Poor Lady Gaga! Even though the pop powerhouse has millions of fans across the world, she admits she still gets lonely while out on the road touring. "Yes, I'm lonely. But I'm married to my loneliness," she recently admitted in an interview with Asia's Star TV (via Radar). 

The 25-year-old singer, who has been in a long-term, very on-and-off relationship with bartender, Luc Carl, says that being lonely is just par for the course for her and other artists like her. She actually uses the sadness for creative fuel. Lady GaGa Is Celibate, Lonely

"I'm supposed to be [lonely,] I am an artist. We wallow in loneliness and solitude our whole lives in search of the answer to hundreds and millions of questions that run through my mind."

Given the choice of abandoning her career for companionship, Gaga would choose her music every time. "I would die without it and I could never be reborn ... my biggest fear is missing out on a creative idea because of a lack of time," she explains. Perhaps that's why her romance with Carl has been so hot and cold — he must know he's not as important to her as Born This Way.

Despite her feeling like spinsterhood is the only way she can be creative, we think Gaga will eventually give love a fair shot. Besides, her latest single, "You and I," is rumored to be about her beau, proving that love and music can coexist in Gaga's world. Lady Gaga Admits 'Judas' Is About An Ex

DO you ever feel like you can't have both your career and love?

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