Is Your Relationship Causing Your Bad Habits?

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Smoking, junk food, biting your nails...could you be doing these things because of your partner?

When it comes to relationships, straight people in marriages and gays in long-term, intimate cohabitation partnerships may pick up unhealthy habits from their significant others, U.S. researchers say.

Corinne Reczek of the University of Cincinnati reports three distinct findings into how unhealthy habits were promoted through long-term, intimate relationships — through direct bad influence of one partner, through health habit synchronicity and through the notion of personal responsibility, UPI.com reported. ThirdAge: 8 Crazy Celebrity Health Trends

"The finding that one partner is a 'direct bad influence' suggests that individuals converge in health habits across the course of their relationship, because one individual's unhealthy habits directly promotes the others unhealthy habits," Reczek says in a statement. For example, both partners eat the unhealthy foods that one partner purchases.

"Gay and lesbian couples nearly exclusively described how the habits of both partners were simultaneously promoted due to unhealthy habit synchronicity," Reczek says in a statement. "One partner may not engage in what they consider an unhealthy habit on their own, but when their desire for such a habit is matched by their partners, they partake in unhealthy habits."

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