Online Daters Are OK With Others Lying In Their Profiles

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Shave off a few years or pounds? Other online daters almost expect you to.

We've all seen the studies and reports that expose online daters for what they really are: liars. OK, not all online daters lie but many have been found to misrepresent themselves, whether it be about their weight, age, salary, etc. This may seem like a bad thing but according to a new study, users are OK with certain online misrepresentations. Online Daters Are Big Fat Liars

Of course, the operative word here is certain. Michigan State professor Nicole Ellison and her colleagues found that online users are only forgiving of misrepresentations when there's time before actually meeting a person. For example, an online dater can say they're 10 pounds lighter because they very well could be by the time they meet up with someone. Ellison believes that online daters only lie because they're scared. Win $550 Worth Of Luxury Goods From Henri Bendel!

"Some say they fear that if they don't shave a few years or pounds off, they may get fewer responses because others are assuming automatically they are older or heavier than stated in their profiles," Ellison said.

Ah, but fear not, because according to Gian Gonzaga, the senior director of R&D at eHarmony, online dating websites not only match singles based on similar characteristics but by "the ideal number of right matches that will get you to talk to the greatest number of them."

In his research, Gonzaga has found that when users are presented with a lot of choices, they get overwhelmed and pick nothing — or no one — at all. So in addition to analyzing the characteristics of a successful relationship, eHarmony also doesn't match you with every single person on their website. This way, with the matches you are presented, you're more likely to interact with potential dates. Sounds like a win-win to us! Misconceptions That Keep Men From Finding Love

How do you feel about people lying in their online dating profiles?