Hero Of Our Dreams: Ryan Gosling Breaks Up An NYC Fight

Ryan Gosling

The 'Crazy, Stupid, Love' star proves that chivalry isn't dead!

Ryan Gosling is my ideal man. Not only is he incredibly handsome, funny, and modest, but he also happens to be living proof that chivalry does exist, even amongst the beautiful and famous. While strolling around Manhattan on Saturday, the Crazy, Stupid, Love star took it upon himself to break up a fight between two total strangers! Crazy Stupid Love: A Solid, YourTango-Approved Date Movie

A witness with a camera happened to be on the scene and caught the whole thing on video. You can see fighting words and fists being exchanged between an older man who was trying to steal a painting from another who was selling his work on the street. Out of nowhere, a ripped 30-year-old in a blue and white striped tank, gray sweats, sneakers and a blue baseball hat appears and inserts himself in the middle of the scuffle. A hero in normal clothes, it's Mr. Ryan Gosling! 

"He was trying to understand the situation while keeping them from hurting each other," a witness tells Us Weekly.

The actor proceeds to calm the two men down, and resolves the whole ordeal by giving up his own $20 to cover the cost of the $10 piece of art. Then, just as quickly as he appeared, the handsome hero says, "Good, and continued on his way," recalls the witness.

Sigh... what a model citizen! I doubt I'd ever have a chance with him in a million years—he dates women as hot as Olivia Wilde and Blake Lively. But we do both live in NYC, so that's a start! Ryan Gosling & Olivia Wilde Go On A Secret Date

A guy as brave and selfless as Gosling is exactly my cup of tea. I don't mean to throw anyone under the bus, but there aren't many guys I know who would step up to the plate like that. If only they knew how much of a turn-on it is, perhaps they would!