America's Most Promiscuous Cities Revealed!

portland oregon

Going through a dry spell? Consider moving to Portland or Miami.

Think New York residents have the most casual sex? Think again. Las Vegas? Keep guessing.

A recent survey conducted by those clever Harvard alums at my favorite (free!) online dating site OKCupid ranked the Pacific Northwest's hipster haven, a.k.a. Portland, Oregon the nation's naughtiest city when it comes to casual sex, with Seattle, Washington, Denver, Colorado and Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania also among the country's top ten most promiscuous cities. The results were generated by tallying the users who list "Casual Sex" among the types of relationships they seek on the site. Dying to know the rest? Click here to see the complete list on The Huffington Post.

While matching online singles is its primary purpose, OKCupid has been in the business of conducting sex surveys for some time now. Back in April, TIME reported that data collected on OKCupid revealed that more Twittering meant less sex, frequent Twitter use meant more masturbation, and the more money you spend on education, the more you get laid. Now there's a correlation I don't understand. Still, students at high-priced private colleges reported having sex as much as six times per week compared to public school students who pay less in tuition but fornicate far less frequently. Maybe they're paying someone to study for them while they get it on? Win $550 Worth Of Luxury Goods From Henri Bendel!

Sure, they're amusing, but how scientifically sound are these fascinating figures? It's entirely debatable considering the question: Are anonymous participants really the most reliable subjects? Perhaps not. Just the same, the loosest-city survey may just help you choose your next travel destination. Better yet, you'll think twice before tweeting another comment about Kim Kardashian's wedding: You'll be too busy having steamy sex, and if that isn't motivation enough, I don't know what is.