Maggie Gyllenhaal Wants To Know Why Sex Is Fun

Maggie Gyllenhaal

And what she discovers about the science of female orgasms is kind of explosive.

One could argue that if Maggie Gyllenhaal has to ask, then she must not be doing it right. In a recent episode of the new Discovery show, Curiosity, the movie star posed a series of questions to understand the science of sex—in particular, the female orgasm.

Gyllenhaal was probably pegged for this job because of her role in the upcoming film Hysteria, in which she and co-star, Hugh Dancy, discover how to relieve women of an odd disease (what they believed was female hysteria) through the invention of the first vibrator (watch the trailer here).

In the August 21 episode of Curiosity, Gyllenhaal is taken on a journey to discover the answers to the "mystery" behind the female orgasm. She also visits the Sex Museum for a history lesson on late night female toys (all while giving a shameless plug for her new film). 19th Century Hysteria Treated With Vibrators

What Gyllenhaal discovers is kind of explosive! Scientists have found that women's orgasms do have a biological purpose. Women have more orgasms with men they think are physically attractive and have good genes for reproduction. That is probably why Angelina Jolie is so darn satisfied in the sack. Gyllenhaal also learned that orgasms help direct sperm into the uterus faster to help with contraception (hence the Jolie-Pitt brood). Is Angelina Jolie A Kinky, Sex Toy-Loving Freak In Bed?

To watch Gyllenhaal uncover all of this and more, watch the episode of Curiosity here. But be warned, this episode is not for children. You may hear and see the female orgasm in action, for science's sake of course.

Photo Credit: Getty