Love Bytes: 25% Of Men Fall In Love In Seconds


Plus, what really goes down at a lesbian bachelorette party?

Love at first sight seems like a myth, right? For some dudes, it's a fact. In a study of English men and women, it was revealed that guys are a bunch of gosh darn softies as nearly a quarter of guys fall in love within seconds of meeting. In addition, women (in Merry Olde England, mind you) take six dates before they know if a guy is the "real thing," but it only takes one date for a bloke. Turns out we're a bunch of sentimental wusses. Shhh, don't tell our girlfriends. (Newser)

Are the courtship techniques to blame how men and women perceive relationships? Let me buy you dinner and we'll discuss it. (Glo)

But how do you even get a date in the first place? Has Facebook stalking become a better technique than just asking for a phone number? (Crushable)

Facebook giveth and the good Zuckerberg taketh away. Once you're in a relationship, there are some rules of decency that should be kept in mind lest your dirty laundry be aired. (How About We) The Top 10 "Golden Rules" Of Facebook Relationship Etiquette

Putting too many things on Facebook can lead your friends to giving you something we all dread: unsolicited relationship advice. Fortunately, there's a way to give good advice without making your friends hate you. (Betty Confidential)

And a little interesting science from the Well, Duh Files. Children of depressed mothers have larger-than-normal amygdalas. The amygdala, as you'll quickly recall, is the brain's center for emotional reaction and fear. Does that also make sons of depressed moms better boyfriends? (The Daily Beast)

In completely unrelated (but nonetheless fascinating) news, what all goes down at a lesbian bachelorette party? You know you want to find out... (The Frisky)