'Sexting' And 'Mankini' Are Officially In The Dictionary

borat mankini

New words have been added to the Oxford English Dictionary, and what a naughty language we have.

About 400 new words were added to the 12th edition of the Oxford Concise Dictionary, reflecting the ever-changing nature of the English language. The words added are all now in common usage, but may or may not last to the next edition (remember cassette player? it's so old-fashioned, it's not in this dictionary).

Some of the words are well-known to those who follow the news, such as sexting (sending sexual text messages or pictures) and cyberbullying (harassment over the Internet). Others are a bit specialized, such as noob (properly spelled n00b, a shortened form of "newbie" or somebody who's new to a game or forum; usually used in a derogatory sense). ThirdAge: Pantyhose Makes A Comeback: Are You Ready?

The Oxford Concise Dictionary is a much shortened form of the Oxford English Dictionary, which stands as the self-proclaimed exhaustive dictionary of the English language with 600,000 words. The Concise dictionary has "only" 240,000 entries and tries to eliminate words no longer in current usage.

In this edition, words that were shown the linguistic door included S-VHS, script kiddie, and brabble (a noisy quarrel).

Words that were welcomed include the following:

Retweeting: resending somebody's tweet using Twitter

Mankini: a one- piece bathing suit for men, with a T-back (think Borat)

Jeggings: tight trousers for women that look like denim jeans

Woot: (typically spelled "w00t") an online way to say "hooray," typically in a celebratory manner ("w00t! I fragged your n00b butt!")

Upcycle: to recycle into something worth more that the original

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