What Guys Think Links: Do Most Men Marry Up?

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Plus, why some guys pretend you're not dating and why nice guys rock.

There comes a time in many a young man's life when he doesn't want to say that he's dating someone. Sometimes it comes from wanting to keep his options open. Sometimes he's embarrassed by her. Sometimes he's afraid to admit that he actually has feelings and isn't a stone-cold badass. Whatever the case, the time when it seems most appropriate to deny that you have a girlfriend seems perilously close to the life stage when it seems most appropriate to do a keg stand. College Candy further explores the "we're not dating" phenomenon and I'd like to point out that my last keg stand was several weeks before my 26th birthday but I've funneled a beer in the last three calendar months.

Speaking of things most relevant to college-aged men, Em And Lo have been hit with quite a pickle: a young man who is so bad at talking to women that even his writing appears weirdly defensive and vaguely misogynistic wants to know how to get dates. He could use a serious dose of real talk. Please help him out. Win $550 Worth Of Luxury Goods From Henri Bendel!

Sometimes there are things you wish you could but decorum prevents you. My buddies at The Impersonals have a few dozen dating text messages that would really clear the air. "If you want some action later, please pick up Febreeze, these sheets are RIPE. LOL."

But before you can let someone know about their shortcomings via text message, you need to meet them. Over at Very Smart Brothas, they discuss the unnerving process of putting on your game face and approaching a lady in a bar or restaurant-type place. Laugh all you want but in ancient times, getting the Heisman in front of your buddies would usually get you thrown out of the village.

Sometimes you ask a lady out in a place far less likely to be playing "Party Rock Anthem," and it's still scary. Ask Men discusses how to ask for a date out of the clear blue and get. Evidently, in addition to "The Rules" and "The Game”, there's "The System." Sounds delightful.

From Glo, a few tips from a married guy who was VERY good at dating. I suppose I could shave a little more often. Damn this sexy five PM shadow, damn it to hell!

And now for a little argument. Over at Good Men Project, an interesting opinion: most men marry up. The theory goes that a (straight) man needs a woman in his life to be all that he can be. I suppose a credo and some killer abs wouldn't hurt.

Rich Santos, the resident dude at Marie Claire, discusses how nagging, though well-intentioned, is awful sauce. Evidently, there is a science to constructive criticism. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. Also, he who smelt it dealt it.

Maybe we just need each other. Evan Marc Katz has a theory about what old married folks know that we don't. I bet it's something about using a rotary phone or using the word "arithmetic."

And, finally, what's up with nice guys? Do they finish last? John DeVore, over at The Frisky, takes a meaty bite out of the notion that a fellow has to be an asshat to get ahead. Word to the wise, if talking to John DeVore never equate nice guy with candy ass or he will (figuratively) tear your face and hands off with his claws and teeth of his words and emotions.

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