Should You Wear Your Engagement Ring To A Job Interview?

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Sporting a flashy diamond could jeopardize your odds of employment.

Is it ever okay for an employer to judge you by your bling? Unlikely, but a recent essay in The Huffington Post warns that a diamond on your left ring finger could be detrimental in the job market, whether it's fair or not. Some say it suggests you're rich and don't really need the work, so it diminishes your case when asking for a raise. Others find it as distracting as a miniskirt. Whatever the reason, some employers fess up to finding engagement bling tacky. But would you remove your rock for the sake of finding or keeping a job, or is that akin to hiding who you are? Check out the article Should Women Wear Engagement Rings To Interviews? and tell us what you think! 

Do you wear your engagement ring to job interviews? Has it ever negatively affected you at work? Sound off in the comments.