What Does Your Bridesmaids' Dress Color Say About You?

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Kim Kardashian is getting married this weekend; her bridesmaids' dresses will be green. With envy?

Kim Kardashian is getting hitched this weekend, and her family isn't telling us too much about how things we'll be going down. Mom Kris Jenner tells us that Kim is cool as a cucumber. Luckily, Khloe Kardashian let a little more slip. She divulged that (gasp!) Kim's bridesmaids will be wearing (ZOMG!) green. Now, I love green—all shades, from mint to kelly to hunter. But I do think it's a slightly strange color to pick for bridesmaid dresses because the first thing that will pop into the guests' minds when they see them will be "green with envy." And who wants their bridesmaids to be envious? Kim Kardashian's Wedding Location And Dress Code Revealed

This got me thinking—do different bridesmaid dress colors send subtle subliminal messages to guests? Obviously. Our taxonomy of what different bridesmaid dress colors say about you:

* Cotton candy pink. "My husband got no choice in this matter. Nor will he have any choice in any other matter."

* Hot pink. "I wish every day could be my bachelorette party."

* Red. "I want my bridesmaids to get laid tonight."

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Written by Kate Torgonick for The Frisky.

The Frisky managed to attach a negative connotation to every possible color of bridesmaids' dress. To see what purple, blue and more mean, read: Infographic: What Your Bridesmaids' Dress Color Says About You

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