Here We Go Again! Jesse James & Kat Von D's Engagement Is Back On

Jesse James Kat Von D

Just when you thought you'd never hear a peep from these two again, they get back together.

When news broke in July that Jesse James and Kat Von D had broken off their engagement, we swear we could hear all the Sandra Bullock fans cheering. Finally, karma was coming back around to the man who had cheated on America's sweetheart. He claimed that "the distance" between he and Von D "was just too much," so they decided to go their separate ways. Well, it looks like he spoke too soon. Kat Von D And Jesse James Call It Quits: Is Anyone Surprised?

According to People, the tattooed-twosome have decided to give it another go. Von D was seen wearing her rock on her left hand ring finger again, and pictures of the two snuggling made their way onto James' Twitter account last night (the very same day TLC announced they had cancelled Von D's reality show, LA Ink. Interesting...)

James has confirmed the speculation, saying, "Sometimes you are only given one chance in life. It was up to me to open my eyes and see it. That girl is my chance. I will never stop fighting and striving to hold on to her. Showing her how special she is, and how much I love her."

Is that Sandy's fans we hear crying now? Well, have no fear. Sandra's been off having a great time vacationing in Wyoming with baby Louis and "friend" Ryan Reynolds. Getting Cozy? Sandra Bullock & Ryan Reynolds Vacation Together

And as for Jesse and Kat? If they're going to go ahead and dive (very publicly) into round two, let's hope they know what they're doing. Calling it off for a second time would be très embarrassing!

What do you think of reconnecting after a big breakup? Is it a good idea or does it usually end badly?

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