a game of chance


its a waiting game to see if he bites on my bait...

So the nice, not-too-young man I remet this weekend, is either not interested or an expert at pacing himself.  What I'm sure I couldn't take yesterday seems like an unattainable goal today.  Though our weekend was spent steeped in honesty about past episodes we missed in each other's serial dramas, what I want to tell him is that I could totally take him for who he is, not what he's done or what he thinks I want.  Like I explained to him...I've done the hard stuff, I just want someone to share it with, sounds corny but I'm at a loss for words.  I would really love to know what he is thinking, or even if he is thinking.  Is the repackaging I've spent the last year on going to make me a more appealing selection?  I would really like that.  A chance to finally be the girl that gets to go home to mother, though the alternative was never dull, I guess we gals always want what we can't have huh?  Maybe thats what he is thinking...lol!

On a final note, and I do mean final.  It was one year ago today that the shit hit the fan and I was dropped like the hot mess I am-er-was-er whatever.  Because of new nice guy I really haven't given much thought to what was, which is good and was a promise he made before my weekend trip.  I asked him if he could make me forget my name and that happened too...at least temporarily.

I'll keep posting if there is progress, and I hope there is...there is some excellent self therapy going on here.

Wish me luck?