Dear Dr. Romance: she refuses to remove the dead roses


Dear Dr. Romance: she refuses to remove the dead roses her ex gave her

Dear Dr. Romance: I am confused, i am in love with this woman but she refuses to remove the dozen roses her ex gave her and are now dead. She says she doesn't want him she just wants me but it's hard to swallow when every time we are in the bedroom there are the dead roses from her ex-boyfriend. Help me understand whats going on.

Dear Reader:

Well, you're right to be concerned. It doesn't sound like this woman has finished grieving about her ex. You didn't tell me how long ago that last relationship ended. She may just need more time. Have you tried giving her some new flowers to replace the dead roses?

It's very important not to get into a power struggle about the roses. If you push too hard, she may be resisting letting you control her, rather than hanging on to the roses. Read "Asking for what you want" and "Couples Can Cooperate for Success" to help you understand the dynamics of your relationship.

How to Be a Couple and Still Be Free will teach you a cooperative problem solving system to increase the partnership in your relationships.