Prince Harry And Lingerie Model Girlfriend Call It Quits

Prince Harry

The Prince of Wales is single once again and is now, perhaps, the world's most eligible bachelor.

Prince William may be off the market, but never fear, Prince Harry is single once again!

The Daily Mirror (via People) reports that Harry and his lingerie model girlfriend, Florence Brudnell-Bruce, have split so that he can focus on his military career.

A source tells People, "He is so focused on the army and seems intent on going back to the war zone." We guess that means he won't be cuddling up to ex-girlfriend Chelsy Davy anytime soon, either.

To be honest, this is less than shocking news, as the 26-year-old seems to embrace his bachelor lifestyle. After all, he wasn't even dating Florence long enough to have her be royal wedding date material, and he himself has said he doesn't plan to marry in the near future. He's always seemed to be more of a fun-loving jokester in comparison to the more stoic William. Prince Harry Can't Bring A Lingerie Model As His Wedding Date

But Harry, who first started dating long-time friend, Florence, in June, did say he enjoyed his time with her. How sweet.

For now, Harry is off to Arizona to train in the desert until Christmas. We know he's sworn off women to concentrate on his career, but we're sure he'd be greeted with open arms by his many American female admirers if he gave us a chance! Is Prince Harry Marriage Material?