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10 Ways To Rock The Braless Look This Summer

not wearing a bra braless

When it's hot and sticky out, no one wants to wear more than the bare minimum when it comes to clothing, and it seems as though the free-flowing braless trend is on the rise this summer. Want to ditch the tight, pinching, underwire contraption that's ruled your life ever since puberty and let the girls breathe for a day? Just be sure to stick to these tips and you should be just fine.

1. DON'T Wear a White Shirt
Darker colors will cover up better than pastels, but wearing any color is better than wearing white... especially if there's a 50% chance of rain.

2. DO Use Nipple Tape
If you're worried about the AC getting the best of you, cover up using a few patches of double stick tape or pasties in order to keep the area smooth and unnoticeable.

3. DON'T Even Bother if you're Bigger than a C-Cup
Not trying to discriminate (since even I don't fit into the small chest category), but if you're rocking anything bigger than C's, the braless look probably just isn't going to work. For an alternative that might work, scroll to #8.

4. DO Work on your Posture
One of the main purposes of a bra is to keep our girls raised even when we're all slouched over, but sitting/standing up straight, keeping your shoulders back, and trying your best to keep a dignified posture will do almost as well as a bra would.

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