Brooke Burke Waits 5 Years To Marry; Tara Reid Just Hours

Brooke Burke and Tara Reid

Will the lengths of their engagements have an affect on their marriages?

Quickie engagement, quickie divorce? That's the question that immediately came to mind when we heard the news that Tara Reid, infamous party girl and American Pie alum, got engaged and married within a matter of hours this weekend. 

According to her Twitter feed, Reid and her new boyfriend of only a few months, Zack Kehayov, were vacationing in Greece on Saturday when he popped the question. "I just got engaged!" Reid excitedly tweeted.

Mere hours later, she updated again, "Love in Greece...I am now a wife." Huh? 

Not only was everyone shocked by her gunshot wedding, but multiple news sources initially assumed the groom was her former boyfriend, Michael Lilleund, a Danish businessman she met back in November. Reid had to tweet on Monday morning, "His name is Zack Kehayov," to clear up the confusion. That's a little embarrassing. Check Out These Celebs' Rocks! 10 Engagement Ring Trends [Photos]

Meanwhile, Dancing With the Stars co-host, Brooke Burke, finally said "I do" to David Charvet on Friday in St. Barts after a five-year engagement. The couple, who already have two children together, made it a point to wait till they were ready.

"We started talking about why to do it at this point in our relationship," Burke wrote on her blog last year, according to People. "'Do you want forever?' David asked. 'Yes, I need forever,' I said. It was just that simple. I would like to have a husband." 'The View' Co-Hosts Get Hitched (But Not To Each Other)

So, while one celebrity waited five years, another waited about five hours. The question is, will either marriage be better than the other? Most of us would be quick to judge Tara Reid's marriage and assume it will last just as long as their vacation. Then again, what took Burke and Charvet so long if they knew "forever" was what they wanted? It's possible that Reid and Kehayov may have experienced true, whirlwind, got-to-have-him-this-second love and just went for it, while Burke and Charvet avoided it until they couldn't any longer.

Ah, who are we kidding? We give Reid and Kehayov about two months. What about you?

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