Can Therapy Keep Him From Finishing Too Early?

premature ejaculation

Researchers are questioning whether therapy effectively treats premature ejaculation.

Preventing your man from finishing early in the bedroom just got a little more complicated.

Experts previously believed, based on results of four research studies, that psychotherapy could be the answer to ending premature ejaculation. Here's how it works: Therapy helps ease the anxiety surrounding an early finish for both men and their partners. Since premature ejaculation is believed to be primarily a psychological issue, it seems like a pretty logical approach to combating the problem, right? 3 Ways To Make Your Man’s Premature Ejaculation Problem A Thing Of The Past

Well, apparently it's not. A new Cochrane Review report argues that the evidence stemming from such studies is not enough to support the method of treatment, especially due to the studies' small sample sizes.

Many experts are still using the approach, despite these new claims. They often couple the psychological approach with medications—Paxil, Zoloft and others are known to inhibit the ejaculatory reflex when taken at low doses. Topical creams (like lidocaine) are also used, which numb the penis and draw out the length of intercourse.

Something tells us, though, that pausing foreplay to rub some ointment on his member may put a dent in the "heat of the moment" concept. But that's beside the point.

Another problem with behavioral therapy: cost. Appointments can cost upwards of $125 per session out-of-pocket. Often, the course of treatment can extend over a period of eight appointments. That's a cool $1,000 out of the window... but may be a small price to pay for some men looking to make a bigger impact in the sack. Scientists Find Treatment For Premature Ejaculation

The experts are calling for more research on the treatment. More specifically, they are asking that all future studies use randomized trials and larger group samples, which are more up to par with today's research expectations.

Is premature ejaculation a problem for your partner? How do you deal with it?

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