The Truth About Cougars: What It's Like To Date A Younger Man

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The pros and cons of an older woman dating a younger man.

Dating and mating a man who's at least a decade your junior may sound like the ultimate ego boost—and it is, at least in the beginning. Yet as experienced cougars will tell you, that's only a small part of a complex equation. First, a little background about the trend, and then we'll dish regarding the upside and the downside of romping with a guy who was born when you were already in fifth grade or even later.

The popular opinion is that Anne Bancroft as Mrs. Robinson in the 1967 film The Graduate was the original cougar. Long before that, though, queens in ancient Egypt were wedding mere boys. Nefertiti's husband was her 12-year-old brother, and the same was true for Cleopatra before she moved on to her storied relationships with Julius Caesar and Marc Antony. And then there was Queen Elizabeth I, who at 48 was engaged to the 22-year-old Duke of Anjou.

As for the term "cougar" itself, most sources credit a Canadian website with coining the term in 1999. Since then, celebrity pairings have spurred fascination with the phenomenon. Joan Collins, now 79, wed Percy Gibson in 2002. He's a whopping 32 years younger than she is. Mary Tyler Moore, 75, has been married since 1983 to Dr. Robert Levine, now 59. Demi Moore at 49 will celebrate her sixth wedding anniversary in September with 34-year-old Ashton Kutcher.

But enough about them. What would your life with a baby beau be like? That has a lot to do with whether you are the predator (as the dubious honor of being compared to a wild cat implies) or the prey.

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