Lube Brand Poll Says It's A 'Wet Hot American Summer,' Literally


OK, how many "sex sweaters" are out there?

Is the hot August weather making you horny? Chances are, it is. According to a new survey by the makers of Wet personal lubricants, 95 percent of people think sweaty sex is hot.

The survey also asked participants which body parts are the most seductive to highlight when it's hot out. I would have guessed ta-ta's would top the list, but alas, lanky limbs came in first place with more than 72 percent of the vote. And while steamy sex is titillating, approximately half of respondents favored indoor intercourse with the AC on. This "ensures your partner is the one making you feel the heat," they note. Thanks for the tip, guys! About Once A Year, Couples Have Kitchen Sex

Finally, the survey asked, what's your best bet to get some this sizzling summer? Watch a risqué flick, peeps overwhelmingly responded. 93 percent of people are aroused by sultry scenes. Not too surprising: Y Tu Mama Tambien tops my list of all-time faves. For something more recent, check out it-boy Ryan Gosling's smokin' bod in Blue Valentine, co-starring the ever-appealing Michelle Williams.

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