History Of Fashion: Trends And Innovation

History of Fashion: Trends and Innovation

Fashion has always been a way to express a person’s uniqueness. Whether it’s a uniform or a runway dress, fashion is important. Fashion is not merely just designing a crazy outfit or a statement. Fashion has been around for millions of years, keeping us covered. The definition of fashion is “A popular trend, in styles of dress and ornament or manners of behavior”. Fashion has been around in one way or another since the beginning of time. It’s intriguing to look back at history and see how fashion trends have changed and evolved. While many people might think fashion to be frivolous, it’s really an idea of what our society wants to portray at any particular time.
Unique Origins of Today’s Everyday Fashions
Ever notice the buttons on your jacket and wonder why they are so oddly placed? Well Napoleon Bonaparte actually came up with the idea to put the buttons on the jacket to keep his soldiers from wiping their noses on their sleeves. It is strange to think that so many different things influence the fashion of today. Fashion has always been influencing our lives in some way, even outside the realm of clothing.
Crazy Fashion Trends & Facts
Perfume has been around since the Ancient Egyptians, where they would use it for religious rituals. Egyptian women also used henna to lighten their hair. Today we have hair products that make our hair smell good, and many women choose to dye their hair. In England, many women will wear crazy hats to events like weddings. This trend stemmed from a 1571 law in which Queen Elizabeth I made it a rule that everyone girl above the age of seven needed to wear a hat on Sundays. Also, did you know that the longest made train for a bride was 1.2 miles long. This train took three hours to unroll and was also adorned with 9,999 silk red roses.
What about Fashion for Kids?
Children’s clothing has also been a fashion statement with many celebrities. But over 200 years ago, children did not have their own sized clothing. They just wore clothing that was the smallest size of adult clothing. In the 1920’s children’s clothing became more of a necessity. With these clothes, style, comfort and the needs of the children came into play.
Today people forget that clothing is a necessity, and that you should feel comfortable in it. Instead women and men are still doing crazy things to impress. For example, today women wear high heels that are sometimes six inches or higher. If they fell, they could seriously injure themselves. When corsets were popular, women would wear them so tight that their ribs would break. In France a married man used to wear more makeup than his wife. And Francois of France hated beards so much that if a man had a beard they would be arrested and put to death.
There are so many different fashions in the world ranging from neck rings in Africa to miniskirts in America. Although a lot of it may seem weird to others fashion is a way of life. It’s a way to be unique and show people who you are, whether you are comfortable or not.
Fashion fades, only style remains the same.-Coco Chanel

About the Author: McKenzie Charters is a fashion enthusiast who loves experimenting with the hottest styles. When wearing tanktops or strapless shirts, she loves using rhinestone bra straps to complement her outfit.