Love Horses Or Tattoos? These 5 Niche Dating Sites Are For You

woman tattoo horse

For those who are tired of generic dating sites like Match.com and eHarmony.

We use the Internet for work, to buy food online, inform other people when we are just too busy via Skype, we find jobs on LinkedIn, meet new friends on Facebook or some other social network, and expand our professional and social communities on Twitter.

As the web seemingly expands on a daily basis, we see very clever spins emerge on the generic versions of online dating sites. Dating applications such as Clique uses sophisticated algorithms to find your perfect match by automatically searching the profiles of your friends, and their friends. There are loads of new dating apps you can download via Facebook, a few of my favourites are Cheek'd, MeetMoi and HowAboutWe

Selecting singles from a vast pool of endless profiles can make the decision process rather deflating after a while. Here's a list and reviews of some of the really extreme and niche online dating sites of 2011 that are getting plenty of attention.

1. Yes! Mrs. Robinson


Love gets younger day by day when dating online with Yes! Mrs Robinson! This online dating website dedicates its services to pairing up cheeky cougars with younger men. You may recall the film, The Graduate, when Dustin Hoffman played the role of Benjamin Braddock. In the film, Benjamin is seduced by an older woman, Anne Bancroft, who played the role of Mrs. Robinson. The dating site, Yes! Mrs Robinson, lets younger men and older women explore relationships where age holds no boundaries.

2. Brainiac Dating


Fancy dating a geek? Feed up with shallow chitchats? How about dating a technological 21st century handyman? Then you should log onto Brainiac Dating! This dating site is perfect for guys and girls who prefer discussing, say, time travel or astrology. Meet quirky singles on this site, and play online games with them solving puzzles and trivial pursuit.

3. Cuddly Lovers Dating


For the chubby chasers living in the UK, this dating site brings larger lovers together. If you love your lover to be as soft and squishy as your pillow, Cuddly Lover has a huge database of larger single people who can relate. As harsh as it may sound, Wikipedia have published a dedicated web page for 'Fat Fetishism' which would suggest the ever-present popularity in this niche.

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