How Does Your Relationship Stack Up? Find Out On Theicebreak

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A "Facebook for couples" of sorts, the new website offers "icebreakers" and relationship statistics.

How well do you communicate in your relationship? Who is more romantic, you or your partner? Would you rather grow old with someone you've settled for, or be alone when you're older because you didn't find true love? New website theicebreak asks couples all these questions and more.

Their mission statement: "Whether you're newly together, engaged, married or somewhere in between, theicebreak keeps your love life fresh and fun." Couples that join the site have access to "a handy analytics dashboard that shows your happiness over time, and how it compares to the relative bliss of other couples." Wow — how "keeping up with the Joneses" of them.

To get started, you simply sign up, enter your relationship status and then invite your partner to join. The site asks you to rate how satisfied you are in your relationship and offers "icebreaker" questions and opportunities to post private photos and special moments with your partner. You can also earn "Date Night Coins," "which you can use for deals in later iterations of the site." How To Turn Date Night Into Incredibly Hot Sex

I think this site could either be a fun way to reconnect with your partner and score sweet deals for date night, or a sure-fire way to start fights and feel inadequate. I mean, come on, icebreaker questions? Mashable said it best when they pointed out that these kinds of questions are best asked face-to-face. And any expert would tell you that it's unhealthy to compare your relationship with others: Everyone is different and what works for them may not necessarily work for you.

Oh yeah: Theicebreak can also help your partner find you a birthday or anniversary gift — you can even put in your sizes. Now how's that for some gentle prodding?

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