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ICondom: Safe Sex At The Click Of An IPhone


It's a scenario every couple dreads encountering: Just when things are about to get hot and heavy, you realize you're out of condoms. Undeniably one of the biggest mood killers when it comes to getting busy between the sheets, right? 7 Ways To Set The Mood For Great Sex

Luckily, a night of ruined passion (or a night of unsafe sex!) can now be avoided with the simple tap of an iPhone.

As a part of MTV's Staying Alive campaign, the network has launched iCondom, an app through which users can locate the nearest store that sells rubbers through a GPS navigator. The information iCondom provides is crowdsourced from users' contributions, who chime in on topics from the convenience of a shop to whether a particular condom dispenser is on the fritz. 

With recent UNICEF statistics estimating that five million 15 to 24-year-olds are living with HIV (and an additional 2,500 are infected every day), it's laudable that plans to minimize these sobering numbers are under way. 

Currently, iCondom is free to download on iTunes.

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