Link Love: Female Arousal Has Finally Been Mapped

brain chemistry

This is your brain on sexy touching.

Jumping junipers! Scientists are at it again. This time, they've discovered that wildly different parts of the brain are active when different erogenous zones are pleasured. Finally, someone figures out a good use for the MRI. (Jezebel)

Nature giveth, and nature taketh away. After a breakup, some people suffer from a condition called "limerence"… or compulsory heartsickness. (Marie Claire)

A lil' longing sometimes starts from the beginning. How should a very intrigued man approach a single coworker without "being all weird about it"? (Em And Lo)

But that coworker isn't always single. Here's a true story about a guy fell head over heels for his married coworker and what he did about it. (Nerve)

And, how tempering expectations can make dating way more fun. Even if you think he's Mr. Right, just go ahead and pretend he's Mr. Right Now — things will be so much easier. Just hope he won't turn into Mr. Always Right. (Huffington Post)

A terrible first-date destination could make him Mr. Yeah Right pretty quickly. What his first-date choices  say about him. (The Gloss)

Should you get naked and randy after said first date? The Frisky's handy flowchart will help you decide. (The Frisky)