How To Make Every Orgasm Better


Ten tips guaranteed to get you bigger, better, and more orgasms.

Everyone's looking for ways to enhance their Big O. Here are some tips and tricks on how to make every orgasm better and enjoy more of them.

Increase the buildup. Take longer getting there, stop, and restart. The more tease, the bigger the please. Start. Stop. Restart.

Come and come again. Go for multiple orgasms. Make the lovemaking last longer. Not every time, but once in awhile, treat lovemaking as though it's a marathon. It's not the finish line that's the goal, but the miles you put in getting there.

Make love with a slightly full bladder. The pressure of some urine in your bladder exerts a slight pressure on your sexual organs, stimulating them and making them more sensitive. True, you may leak a drop or two when you reach your peak, but placing a towel beneath your buttocks will spare the sheets.

At the moment of orgasm, deliberately push your pelvic muscles out. The instinct is to clutch inward, and there's nothing wrong with that, but a catch-release move internally results in a more powerful orgasm.

Stimulate your G-spot externally with your hand. Your G-spot is a highly sensitive internal organ that lies slightly north of the pubic bone on one side or another in the majority of women. Pressing on it on your lower tummy makes the vaginal orgasm stronger and increases pleasurable sensations.

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