What Do Men Really Want and Will Never Tell You


This is what men really want and don't know know how to tell you...

Men usually laugh at us women – spending hours and days talking, analyzing and interpreting every single move they make. They don’t understand why we have to dissect every little detail of our dating life and relationships.

After years of sharing, talking, analyzing and giving relationships advice to my girlfriends – I was sure I knew how to get a guy to want you. I spent a lot of time interrogating my male friends about how to get a guy to want you also. On the other hand, in reality – I could never get the guy I wanted – to want me. I didn’t understand: What am I doing wrong?

Do you think that it’s possible to attract the man you really want?

I thought the answer for me is a definite NO. I became hopelessly frustrated and even considered “giving up” on men.

These were some of my observations about how to make him want you:

A man wants a woman to look perfect.
Men want the women they can’t get.
Men want women that never complain.
Men want a woman that will try to please him at all time

Recently I discovered one big problem: What men want and what they say they want – are two different things.

Men will never tell you what they really want. Even if they really want to, they don’t know how to put it into words.

This is why most of us women – let’s face it – just don’t understand men!

How to get a guy to want you? #1 Secret

After months of research (that was even becoming obsessive…), I have discovered one important secret: Men want women that make them FEEL GOOD.

A woman that will learn all the little tricks to make a man feel good about him self – is a woman that will attract men like magnet.

A man wants a woman who admires him. Men need to feel strong, useful and smart, so they like women who help them feel that way. They need to feel needed. Most of them will not be attracted to a woman that can do everything without him – It makes them feel useless.

I was stunned to realize that making a man feel good doesn’t mean learning new sexual moves, or becoming the best cook in town. The way to a man’s heart is not through his stomach, or his crotch. A man wants a woman that KNOWS what HE needs.

The Secrets to Making a Man Feel Good

It sounds unfair – Why should I spend my life knowing and attending to his needs? And making HIM feel good? This is how to get a guy to want you?

What about ME?

It’s all about YOU. The best thing about learning these secrets – is that you’ll get all of the love and caring that you invested in him – Back to you and twice the amount.

He will treat you like a queen.

We women have the power to make him want you, fall 1in love with you and make him want to fulfill our every desire. And you won’t have to change who you are in the process.

Any woman can learn these secrets – and implement them. Not tomorrow, not soon – but TODAY!

These powerful secrets have changed my dating life forever. I found the man I was looking for my whole life – and this time he didn’t run away and hurt me – he fell in love with me and we are happily married for 2 years now.

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