Cheating ? Really, who is to blame?


So many articles on why men/women cheat, there is really only one reason, and you know what it is.

I've read so many articles lately:

Why he cheats.

Why she cheats?

How to heal from cheating?

etc. there are so many articles on infidelity lately. The real issue is HONESTY or more accurately, dishonesty. Why is he dishonest? Why is she dishonest? and How to heal from dishonesty. Should be the real names of these articles.


Why does someone cheat? It's simple. They are uncomfortable with the ramifications of being completely honest with the person they are involved with. 

DO you want to play the field? Great, be honest about it. Are you unhappy and cannot stand the idea of telling your significant other? If you are honest and the relationship dissolves, will you need to make changes that you are uncomfortable with? 


Infidelity is not the issue. The deeper issue is honesty. People cheat because they cannot be completely honest with themselves and their partner. People cheat because they are uncomfortable with the repercussions of their honesty. Want to see other women, great, but your girlfriend may not like that and choose to leave. Want to find a man who will treat you better? Fine, but when you leave you will now be in a one income situation, or may have to work again for the first time in many years. 


So you see, people who are unwilling to do the hard work needed to stay in a relationship, or are not willing to give up some of the perks of being in a relationship choose dishonesty over honesty and the result is infidelity.


Infidelity is just another word for dishonesty. You can "recover" from a dishonest relationship, the cure is honesty and willingness to deal with the discomfort that can come from the changes and challenges that can result.


It's simple, right? Yes! But definitely not easy.  


What do you think?


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