What Guys Think Links: Chivalry & Beer In The Shower

man drinking beer
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Anyone still think chivalry isn't dead? Anyone?

Who else is ready for it to be warmer and more humid? Good things. As you know, some guys out there have some great things to say about love and relationships. Others have hilarious things to say. And still others have unintentionally hilarious things to say. Here are some of each from the webz.

Chivalry is a strange concept in a culture that rolls its eyes at the idea of a fair fight, scoffs at poetry and would laugh you off the street if you put a jacket over a puddle. But Good Men Project wonders if there is still some space for acting like a gentleman.

The "richer or poorer" part of wedding vows sometimes gets mentally glossed over. Sophisticated Groom takes on what financial windfall and hardship means in real life. I guess we're not getting that G6 this year…

Brian, co-founder of Be Better Guys, takes on 10 things he knows for absolute certain about his marriage and how keeping them in mind makes him a better spouse. I'd like to add, "Praising my spouse in a public forum is nothing but an upside," to the list.

And constant praise may be very important to you, but is its absence a deal breaker? Evan Marc Katz has some great advice on limiting a list of must-haves. It's all about not narrowing down too much, ladies.

There are must-haves and there are things that get under your skin. Very Smart Brothas takes on the age-old battle of the toilet seat's resting position. They get into a little dude versus chick logic and along the way make me wonder if I shouldn't just pee in the shower.