How To Find More Time For Your Relationships

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Don't let a busy routine hurt your chance for a happy, loving relationship.

YourTango Expert & author Susan McCord says our relationships should be our #1 priority. Here's how to keep them that way:

Love is the most important emotion in every culture around the world. It is the most discussed topic on a daily basis. It is what makes us feel complete. Without love there is emptiness and less purpose in our lives. Whether you are single, married or dating, there is always room for improving the love in your life. People are so busy with careers, their children & other priorities that they forget to nurture their relationships or how to be in one at all.

How can we bring more love into our lives?
Prioritized diversity is the key to attracting and keeping love in your life. Take the time everyday to listen and interact with your partner or a potential love interest. People want to be heard and acknowledged with positive energy. Singles should be open to new challenges and constantly put themselves into situations that allow conversation with new people. Learn to appreciate yourself and remember everyone has insecurities—they just don't talk about them right away. You wouldn't tell a potential employee all your faults or you wouldn't get the job!

How do you spend your time on a daily basis?
There must be compromise with your career. Are you running away from love and burying yourself within your job to keep busy? Is your relationship dull because you have both forgotten how to love each other? Having common interests is very important when dating or in a marriage. Doing something you love ignites passion. Consuming careers or hobbies will eventually destroy a happy home due to the "emotional negligence" that comes with it. Love needs to be fueled regularly or it burns out and eventually dies. Making time for love should be your number one priority. 4 Ways To Be A Workaholic And STILL Maintain A Healthy Relationship

How do we keep the love "alive" on a regular basis?
Put your relationship first and pay attention to the little things that make your partner happy. Truly listen to what he or she says. Do not take your partner for granted or become predictable. Complacency is a relationship killer. Plan regular date nights, mini-holidays or exciting events that give you something to look forward to. Get a babysitter for the kids and talk to each other outside the home. Make time to be available for sex at least a few times a week, preferably more. People with long and healthy marriages will always tell you, the sex and affection was consistent throughout. 6 Ways To Beat Boredom In A Relationship (And Why It's Important)

Whatever methods you choose, focus on how to schedule time for yourself and your relationship to invite more love in your life.