Would You Let Your Guy Own An IPad App That Makes Sex Sounds?

cosmo for guys ipad app

It's true, the new Cosmo For Guys iPad application moans when you touch it.

Among the services and information now provided by iPad apps? 3-D sex positions viewable from various angles (and tips on how men can master them), an audio guide to the meaning behind women's top five sex sounds, and local poll data that tells guys what movie women want to see that weekend.

This latest batch of features is from the just-launched Cosmo For Guys iPad app, which Cosmopolitan Editor-in-Chief Kate White says was inspired by the number of men who secretly read their girlfriends' or wives' copies of the magazine. "They said it was like having the other team's playbook," White tells Mashable.

But over at The Gloss, they don't take kindly to the idea of "treating people's emotions like a game," and they have a word of caution for men who read Cosmo: "Don't be surprised when 'the other team' tricks you into proposing to them by cooking a chicken or some sh*t, because that's the kind of sport you're signing up to play." Not a fan of the ol' engagement chicken move, Gloss girls?

Would you be OK with your boyfriend or husband owning an iPad app that makes sexy feminine moans? Be honest with us...you'd get a bit jealous!