One-Third Of Americans Would Rather Give Up Sex Than Their Phone

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phone over love

Which would you rather give up for a week: sex or your cell phone?

One would think that a cell phone pales in comparison to sex, but according to a survey from Telenav, a mobile applications company, it doesn't. In fact, one-third of Americans would rather do without sex than without their cell phone.

In addition to sex, Americans would also pass on alcohol, chocolate, caffeine, exercise, a toothbrush, shoes and a computer if it meant being able to keep their phone.

Say what!?

Not only that, the survey found that 28 percent of iPhone users, 23 percent of Android users, and 18 percent of BlackBerry users would rather go a week without seeing their significant other than their phone. At least only 10 percent of iPhone users admitted to having ended a relationship via voicemail, text, email, Facebook or Twitter, compared to 18 percent of Android users and 15 percent of BlackBerry users.

While we understand how cool (read: addictive) an iPhone or a BlackBerry can be, we can't seem to understand how cell phones win out over the finer things in life. You wouldn't want to spend a week cooped up without your cell phone, having wonderful sex?

Check out the full infographic from Telenav:

Photo: Telenav

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