Link Love: Who's Gonna Hook Up On Jersey Shore Tonight?

jersey shore italy season 4

In sadder news, a teenage couple was imprisoned in Afghanistan for being in love.

Buon giorno, juiceheads. Who's gonna smoosh this time around on Jersey Shore? The Italy season premieres tonight! Did you know "allupato" means "horny" in Italian? (The Daily Beast)

When is the best time to have sex for the first time in a relationship? No, "right after this drink" is not a good answer. (Huffington Post)

First-time sex is rarely out-of-this world (with all the nerves and not knowing what the other person likes and all). But would you ever tell your boyfriend that the sex is just "OK"? (Em And Lo)

One thing that rarely occurs after ho-hum sex is the big O. Here are five things you probably didn't know about "the little death." (The Frisky)

Here's an idea, friends: Make a few more phone calls and a few fewer texts this weekend. (Crushable)

We think teens in the U.S. have a hard time. It's all Capulets and Montagues and stoning to death in Herat, Afghanistan. (New York Times)

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