Men Who Buy Sex Are More Likely To Be Criminals

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"Johns" are also eight times more likely to say they would rape a woman if they could.

Paying for sex is widely derided in this country, but does it make a man dangerous? According to a controversial Newsweek article, men who buy sex not only harbor violent tendencies, but maintain a dehumanizing attitude toward women. /node/79306

A brief note before I continue: According to the researchers at Prostitution Research and Education, buying sex doesn't just mean sleeping with prostitutes. The study's authors included the use of pornography, lap dances and phone sex as acts of purchasing sex. Non-sex-buyers were men who had not visited a strip club more than twice in the past year, had not bought a lap dance, had not viewed pornography more than once in the past month, and had not bought services from an escort, prostitute, erotic masseuse, sex worker or phone sex operator

After comparing 101 sex buyers to 100 non-sex-buyers, researchers found that the former had more sex partners and were more likely to commit misdemeanors and violence against women. Additionally, men who had bought sex admitted to committing more sexually coercive acts against women, and showed less compassion toward prostitutes than men who had not bought sex. Another Woman Gave Me An Orgasm At A Strip Club Bachelor Party

While non-sex-buyers readily acknowledged the harmful effects of prostitution on women and their communities, men who had bought sex were less apt to apply the same perspective. A good percentage of both groups understood that most prostituted women are trafficked into their lifestyle, but that knowledge did not stop sex buyers from taking advantage of women. Not surprisingly, sex buyers were also more likely to have learned about sex from pornography than from actually doing it.

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