Get Your Cringe On: The Bachelorette's Most Embarrassing Moments

The Bachelorette Embarassing Moment ashley hebert
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Not everything smells like roses! Take a look at Ashley Hebert's most humiliating debacles.

I'll admit it: I prefer to veg out on my couch while happily watching Shark Week instead of tuning in to The Bachelorette. After enduring Brad Womack's unexpected—and frankly, rude—indecisiveness in season 11 of The Bachelor, I vowed never to watch another episode of the show or its female spinoff ever again. Has 'Bachelor' Brad Womack Split From Emily Maynard Already?

But as a TV junkie, I've come to realize that there is at least one consolation prize to the reality TV show hysteria: Internet compilations of a show's craziest, hilarious and/or embarrassing moments (all you MTV Real World/Road Rules Challenge fans know what I'm talking about—don't deny it!) They are just too addictingly entertaining not to watch even if you hate the show itself.

So after 10 weeks of rose ceremonies, dates, hookups and fights, The Daily Beast's list of Ashley Hebert's most humiliating moments is exactly what we need.

Poor Ashley. Get your cringe on at The Daily Beast: The Bachelorette's 6 Most Humiliating Moments

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