YourTango Quickies: Sex For Textbooks & Stiletto Deaths

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Plus, men are most likely to cheat at weddings.

Lessons of the week: Always accompany your man to weddings. You can find a serious relationship online. And if you're going to kill your boyfriend, don't leave the stiletto you killed him with lying around.

- Men are most likely to cheat at weddings, closely followed by bachelor parties: While 32 percent of men admitted to having been unfaithful at a friend's wedding, 27 percent say they've strayed at a bachelor party. BUT: When asked where their partner was most likely to cheat, 37 percent of women said "the office Christmas party" — which shows that we should seriously ask about that plus one invitation next time. The survey was conducted by extra-marital dating site "The Married Dating Site." Yup, that exists.

- Eighty percent of online daters are out there on the Web looking for serious relationships, according to a survey by Not as frisky as we thought they were, those online daters! Happy hunting. 

- Looks like college students would rather give up sex than carry those heavy textbooks around: One in four students would give up a year of sex in exchange for electronic textbooks, according to a survey released by software company Kno, Inc. Well, back pain doesn't make for awesome sex, so I guess that makes sense. 

- And in crimes of passion news, a Georgia woman has beat her boyfriend to death with a stiletto heel this week. Robert Higdon was found dead Monday morning at the couple's trailer park home in Augusta after the woman, Thelma Carter, called the cops, claiming she came home and found him dead. Oh, boy. There are so many great puns there (my shoes are killing you!), but The Stir has made them all already. On a serious note, rest in peace, Robert.