Justin Theroux Takes Jennifer Aniston On 'Sloppy Seconds' Trip

Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux

Jennifer Aniston’s vacation ticket was originally intended for Justin’s ex. How… thoughtful?

Jennifer Aniston must feel so special that her new boyfriend, Justin Theroux, has already whisked her away on a romantic vacation for two in Hawaii. After all, they’ve only been dating for a few months. It’s just too bad she was his second choice!

According to Us Weekly, though Aniston was the one spotted with a purple lei around her neck as she and Theroux landed in Hawaii on Monday, she was not who the plane ticket was originally intended for. That honor would be Heidi Bivens', Theroux’s ex. During their 14-year relationship, the island of Kauai had become a favorite destination, and Bivens was anxious to return this summer. But then, her fashion stylist butt was dumped for none other than the former Mrs. Brad Pitt! Talk about paradise lost. Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux: Moving In, Matching Rings...

Jen may seem like the winner in this case of the ex, but think about it for a second: wouldn’t you be a bit miffed to get a "sloppy seconds" vacation invite, especially to a place your guy had already been with his ex? Not only did he not book the trip with you in mind, but odds are, the whole vacation would be filled with zingers like, "Oh, this is where my ex and I used to have breakfast," and, "We should try windsurfing, my ex and I had so much fun last year." Jennifer Aniston Is Doing Couple's Therapy By Herself

Yeah, that sounds like a ton of fun. When does the next flight leave?

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