Link Love: Runaway Brides & The Men Who Loathe Them

runaway bride

Plus, creative ways to split up.

Damned if you do, damned if you don't; runaway brides feel trapped on all sides. When is someone going to start offering wedding insurance? (Huffington Post)

Though there are probably no statistics to support this, you'd guess that a best man's speech has caused a bride or two to bolt. This video could save your wedding. (iMag)

While leaving a bridesgroom at the altar is bold, it is not creative in the way that a singing telegram is. Nine other ways to get out that don't involve a text message. (College Candy)

And sometimes you want to break up really badly, but really don't want to give up the sex. Yes, some women feel this way too. (Glamour)

Periodically bad or boring sex is the problem to begin with. Don't be shy, tell him (or her!) how to be better in the sack. (iVillage)

It may be Shark Week, but these animals have the craziest penises on earth. Turtle dicks are purple? (The Frisky)