Blake And Leo Come Out Of Hiding—They're Still Together!

Blake Lively and Leo DiCaprio

The camera-shy couple was recently spotted biking around Manhattan together.

The past few weeks have produced some ambiguity over whether or not Blake Lively and Leonardo DiCaprio were still actually a couple. Had they ever really been a couple, people asked? Did Leo's mother, upon being introduced to her son's new lady interest, think Blake was a huge, floozy flake? Did this cause Blanardo break up? Is Leonardo DiCaprio's Mom Pushing Him To Dump Blake Lively?

It seems they have not, because one picture really is worth a thousand words. Or, actually, in this case, it's just worth six: Blake and Leo are still dating. Us Weekly snapped the couple as they were biking around New York City together earlier this week, which proves, at the very least, they are still spending time together.

Blake has, supposedly, already begun filming the fifth season of Gossip Girl in New York, and, perhaps, Leo is just around to keep her company in between shoots. The couple were last seen in Santa Monica, California shopping for sunglasses together. The store owner told Us that they seemed "very much in love." Hmm, we're pretty sure one can't forge an opinion like that based on spending fifteen minutes in their presence, but OK! We'll take it! Blake Lively And Leonardo DiCaprio Are Spotted On A Quick Getaway

We're really looking forward to seeing where this relationship leads, as while they're both equally attractive (although it seems Leo's face has been expanding ever since The Departed), there is a slight age difference (he is 36 and she is 23) and Leo has a penchant for getting rid of ladies who don't want what he wants, which we have to admit is a healthy thing to do, but, uh, let's vocalize what we want before we hit the six-year anniversary, OK? One thing's for sure though, if this couple wants to have some longevity (not to get all PSA, or anything) they better start wearing helmets while biking around Manhattan. We've done it before, and trust us, cab drivers do not care about bikers—even if they are über famous!

Photo Credits: Getty Images