So Were Sexing Tonight???

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"So Were Sexing Tonight" Are Woman Really satisfied with a Casual Sex Life Style!!!

So ladies we have all gotten that 3 a.m or invite after the club to go home with a male interest before. Today’s topic is whether or not casual sex or one night stands are worth it. To be completely honest casual sex is such a widely accepted concept that this is most definitely not about judgment. This is about if sexual satisfaction can outweigh the lasting feeling of having a long term relationship. Lets keep it real! Does that orgasm you get provide comfort on those days that you wake up by your self? Does all that casual sex make holidays like Valentines Day and Christmas less painful? These holidays still bring pain to most woman because all that effort that went into lustful nights, ultimately still lead to lonely days. So I ask is Casual sex worth it???

I have had the pleasure and I mean pleasure of hanging out with woman that believe in the casual life style. I won’t even lie sometime I wonder if these woman are having more fun in life. I mean who doesn’t want their back blown out, someone to make you feel special on certain nights. Believe me when I tell you it was nothing for every Tom, Dick and Harry to come thru and spend time with these ladies. They were just living life to the fullest and had no shame about it. But on the outside looking in it seemed as though they were having fun.

I remember being on Facebook this past Valentines Day and one of these ladies of the life style was on there talking about how crappy this holiday was and how alone she was. I remember thinking then, is the casual life style really worth it? I mean she had gotten some good orgasms but we were still in the same boat of needing companionship. Ladies don't be ashame and take a trip to the novelty store if its that bad. Is it worth walking into a club and having about 5 men say to their friends that’s good fun all day. Lets be honest most woman forget, that we as woman could never behave as men do. Ladies must realize it's important that if a man can’t look at you and think this could be my #FirstLady, than your not a #winner. Giving it up the first night doesn’t make you a loser either, but its clear to a man when he is messing with a lady of the casual life style.

I will be completely honest in saying that going home with someone after the club has never been me, but I have did it once in my life. Believe me when I say I’m no easy chick but there was something special and non #THIRSTY about his Swag that was unreal. So I ask myself was that night worth it. I wouldn’t take my night back for anything in the world. But I also know that life is so much bigger than lustful nights, that I most definitely couldn’t settle for the casual life style with numerous men. I’m a #FirstLady and that isn’t behavior of a woman looking to walk in the room with her man. Yes Ladies there’s a difference in meeting a guy at the club than he feeling proud enough to walk in the room with you. #walkwithme.

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FirstLadySpeakz – Jackie Nichole
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