What Guys Think Links: Is A Wingwoman Better Than A Wingman?

Plus, 78% of men can tell if you're faking it, so just give it up, OK?

Another friggin 2011 month in the rearview mirror. Is it just me or has this NFL lockout really made time fly? As per usual, we're not the only place for good advice, thoughts and yuks on love and relationships (though we are the most comprehensive one). Here's what dudes have to say about stuff this week:

Who's better at making a guy seem like he's not going to dismember you, give you herpes, or love you and leave you: a guy or a lady? How About We attempts to answer the question: who is better, a wingman or a wingwoman?

Men and women clearly think and operate differently. And nothing could prove that more than the Ask Men Great Male Survey. For instance, 78% of men can tell when a woman fakes the Big O (and I don't mean an Oscar Robertson).

But we're not totally different, us guys and dolls. Very Smart Brothas takes on the idea of closure for dudes. And, surprisingly, they don't mean having sex just...one...last...time...promise.

Sometimes a guy just wants his baby back baby back baby back (hmmm, Chili's baby back ribs). Modern Man has a hilarious, Xtra-Normal video about the most counterintuitive way to get her back. I'm a little surprised that he doesn't suggest a threesome.

It's certainly destroying our attention spans and ability to do research in library, but is the Internet ruining love? Alternet thinks online dating could be tearing the world apart. Or is the best thing ever. OR somewhere in the middle.

Em And Lo ask their man panel whether guy crotchal grooming is mandatory these days. "Crotchal?"

Men are notoriously nervous about getting married. In fact, I'm surprised they haven't made a movie about it (oh, wait). Glo takes on what he's really thinking on his way to the altar.

Our new friends Dating For Today's Man have come up with five techniques that are sure to wow any lady. Technically, these techniques will wow anyone, as even I'm getting a little hot and bothered thinking about a guy who can do half these things.

And our buddies at The Frisky take on the most slippery of guy slopes: buying an artificial vagina for recreational purposes. Making yourself one of these is as much of a precipice as a woman purchasing her fifth cat.

And we wouldn't be here, good and bad, without all the people who have influenced love and relationships. /node/85828

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