Love in the office


I fell in love with my boss.

            I am one of those people who love going to work. WHY??? you ask................ I fell in love with the most wonderful man there.  My boss. I know what you thinking, So what kind of extras do you get or special attention? When people first hear about me and him being together that is the almost automatic attitude. There are days when I wish that was why we are together. In a way it would be so much easier. But that is not it, not even close. I love him with all my heart. even when we work together all day we can still talk on the phone and not get bored.  I sleep better when I hear him before I fall asleep.  He is the reason I am a stronger person today than I was when we first met four years ago. He is more of a friend to me then any has ever been able to be. We talk about everything and anything.

             We are also a lot alike which is sometimes a big hassel. We both want to run things at work little different then the other and it causes us to butt heads. The good thing about loving eachother is we are able to work out the issus a little faster. And eventhough we both think that we are alwasy right we have been able to compromise on most issues.

              I will say that at first defending our relationship didn't always seem worth it but as we relized how much we ment to eachother it became easier and defending it is no longer an issue.