Did Reggie Bush Dump Melissa Molinaro For A Shannon Twin?

Reggie Bush
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The football player is rumored to have left his Kim Kardashian lookalike girlfriend for a Playmate.

After a three-year relationship with reality star Kim Kardashian, football player Reggie Bush has claimed that the Hollywood lifestyle is not for him and that he doesn't "want half the world knowing I'm on a date."

However, despite his best efforts, the football player, who will reportedly move to Miami Beach soon to play for the Dolphins, can't seem to keep his love life out of the tabloids. And it probably doesn't help that his latest girlfriend, actress/singer Melissa Molinaro, looks so much like his ex, that Kim Kardashian is actually suing Old Navy for $20 million over the TV commercials that Melissa starred in, claiming that the resemblance between the two ladies is more than coincidental and Melissa's appearance in the ad actually violates Kim's intellectual property. (That has to be a weird knowing that your ex is suing your current girlfriend's employer, right?) Reggie Bush's New Gal, Melissa Molinaro, Looks Like His Ex, Kim

Adding more drama to the fire, PerezHilton is reporting that one of Hugh Hefner's blonde, identical former girlfriends (as in, literally identical since they're twins,) otherwise known as the Shannon Twins, was seen coming and going from Reggie's LA home recently. And while Reggie could just be friends with one of the Playmates, it seems more likely that a professional football player and a Playboy model might have something a tad less platonic going on between them, no?

Regardless, with Reggie's imminent move to Florida, we imagine that there might be more than a few new ladies in his life soon. Reggie Bush Still Wants Kim Back, Kim Says

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