Cynthia Nixon To Tie The Knot

cynthia nixon
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On the heels of gay marriage legalization in New York, the SATC actress says "I do."

Sunday saw hundreds of gay couples getting married in New York's city hall. It was the day the new law legalizing gay marriage went into effect and state officials had big plans to marry all 823 couples, both gay and straight, who applied for licenses that day. There were cheers all around the state, and among the elated couples were Cynthia Nixon, of Sex And The City fame, and her longtime girlfriend, Christine Marinon. Christine has been a stay-at-home mom for the past four years, and she just gave birth to their new baby—whom the law sees as Marinon's by birth and Nixon's by adoption. She had no legal relationship to the couple's two older children. The legal right to marry has changed their family: In a recent essay, Nixon describes how.

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